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Aura Leaf's small revolution:

while raising our children, we can flourish and rise into new, wise, and beautiful versions of ourselves.

Hello Goddesses! This blog has been an idea floating around in my head for awhile now. I am in no way claiming to be a blogger so please don't be offended by the blog style or prose. My main motivator for this blog is to highlight and empower women- specifically, the Mother. I believe that, somewhere, the message that "putting your baby first" became synonymous with putting ourselves last. This blog is Aura Leaf's small way in starting our own revolution. The revolution that while raising our children, we can flourish and rise into new, wise, and beautiful versions of ourselves. 

[...] somewhere, the message that “putting your baby first” became synonymous with putting ourselves last.

After having Aura, weaved in throughout all the happiness and tenderness, were feelings of "who am I now" and "am I anything more then a mother?". There were moments of loneliness and profound soul searching. But if you fast forward to now, I could not be more proud of what I have learned and who I am becoming.  Everything I am now, was something I probably have always had in me, but that was nudged to the surface by my daughter's birth. I truly think it's up to us what we do with that nudge: ignore it or better yet, nurture it. By creating Aura Leaf, I hoped to help mothers and other caregivers all over the world remember that they are important too. 

This leads me to the introduction of the first instalment of this series. 


Goddesses Also Known As Mommy:

a blog on motherhood, style, magical women, and everything in between 

This is a project from my heart. You don't have to be social media famous to be featured. Nothing is sponsored. The only qualification is that you acknowledge and stand in your power as the goddess you are in motherhood. 

goddess mommy

Introducing ::


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Q: Hi Carlene! Thank you for being my first goddess mama. Can you tell me your most favorite characteristic about yourself and why? 

A: I do everything 1000% whole heartedly. I have a "yes, let's" attitude about life and live it with a smile and a very distinct cackle.

Q: What about a physical characteristic? And how do you highlight this in your style? 

A: I think I have a great smile, so I smile as often as I can (and the occasional red or pink lipstick) I usually dress for what I'm feeling the most confident in my body, and right now that's sleeveless tops and dresses (for the mom guns and weight training) and any classic silhouette (high waisted skirts or shorts, etc).

Q: Tell me a little bit about your style pre-baby? 

A: I've always had a very distinct style with the philosophy "If you have the right attitude, you can wear anything". Lots of fun prints, vintage dresses, crazy leggings, plaid- I've always been drawn to unique pieces and looks. I guess that's why 90% of my shopping is done in vintage or consignment stores.

Q: And how would you describe your style now? 

A:  In essence I think it's the same, only m o r e.

After giving birth I struggled a bit to find my identity as a woman and mother.

It's like "what would make me feel like Carlene?" instead of lamenting how my body has changed or the fact that I've been wearing my jammies for a week straight. I've been wearing more outfits that represent "classic Carlene", who in reality is "mom Carlene". Also, I've gone back to short hair because it was falling out, so that's been a style throwback and change to my days as a uni student with a sweet fauxhawk.

Q: How would you say Frances impacted your style (or not)? 

A: She has reaffirmed a lot of things. I know that I represent womanhood to her when she gets older, and I want to set an example of confidence in style as well as being a responsible consumer. Not buying more than you need, buying from vintage, consignment, or from Canadian made companies.

I have a “yes, let’s” attitude about life and live it with a smile and a very distinct cackle.

Q: Do you have a style icon? 

A: Patti Smith. 90s tv shows. Edith Head.

goddess mommy

Q: What is your go-to feel good piece in your wardrobe?

A: This incredible kimono from Lost in Layers. It's so glamorous.

Q: Do you have a style icon? 

A: Patti Smith. 90s tv shows. Edith Head.

Q: If you are in a rush and can only do 1-2 things to get ready, what are your go-tos? 

A: Pop on my "cool" glasses or contacts and some lip stain.

Q: Any can't live without products you would like to share? 

A: A good homemade lip scrub, tea tree oil, and  nice shampoo.


Q: What would you tell pregnant you if you could give her some sage words of advice? 

A: Your kid is unstoppable. Relax.

Q: What is something most people would be surprised to know about you? 

A: I'm painfully shy.

Q: What is one thing you want to stop beating yourself up about in motherhood? 

A: Not knowing everything. Worrying over everything.

Q: Tell me the thing you are absolutely most amazing at in mothering Frances. 

A: I'm a patient mom. I'm nurturing and so loving, and also give her so much room to explore. I'm really good at talking to her all day and have excellent story voices.

Q: Who inspires you when you are feeling low? 

A: Frances, because she is ridiculous. My husband, because he's so action orientated and positive. My sister, because she's so driven.

Q: What advice would you give mothers who are feeling a little bit lost in motherhood? 

A: Be patient with yourself. You are doing the best job that you can.


"Be patient with yourself. You are doing the best job that you can."

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Q: Do you have a brand of woo-woo? (prayers, mantras, crystals, etc.) 

A: No, I'm a skeptic..... but I run, so that's kind of mantra woo woo, right?

Q: How did you discover Aura Leaf and what has been your favorite part about being in the Goddess Tribe community? 

A: I was researching the type of ring sling I wanted to get, stumbled upon Aura Leaf, saw that they were from Edmonton and had a gorgeous yellow sling and the rest is history. It's really amazing to see a community of women support a local company and baby-wearing. 

Q: Finally, what is your current favorite quote to live by? 

A: "If you see someone without a smile, give them yours"- Dolly Parton.

I hope you enjoyed our first blog post as much as I enjoyed learning about Carlene! This is meant to be a fun space where we rejoice in our womanhood. If you would like to interact with goddess mamas like Carlene and I, join our Tribe here and stay tuned for more interviews with magic women (like YOU) who happen to also be mommies.

X  Lay

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"If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!"

- Dolly Parton