Why are the slings made of linen?
Linum is the Latin name for the flax plant. Linen is woven flax fibre. It is a strong, non stretching, natural fibre. Being antimicrobial, it is also perfect for being up against sensitive baby skin. When it is warm out, linen is cool as it is breathable. But when it is cold, it also can keep babe warm. Linen is naturally wrinkly with normal little bumps from weaver's knots. Another thing we love about linen is how it becomes softer and softer over time with use.

Where are your ring slings made?
Each ring sling is handcut and handmade in Alberta. Consider your Aura Leaf a one of a kind work of art!

What is your Instagram and can I be featured?
Our Instagram is @auraleafco. We would love to connect with you and support each other. Follow us on Instagram and be sure to hashtag #wearmyaura and #auraleafco so we can see your pictures. Also, you can email us at hello@auraleaf.co.


How fast will I get my sling?
Please allow for 1-2 business days after you place the order for your sling to ship. You will receive an email notification when it ships. Shipping time depends on your location. Please see our shipping section for more information.

Can I make a wholesale purchase?
We offer small wholesale purchases to unique boutiques. To apply, connect with us via email at hello@auraleaf.co.

Do you ship outside of North America?
Yes! we have many international customers that babywear in their aura leaf. see our shipping section for more info.

How can I find other Aura Leaf parents?

We love our little baby wearing community! The only rule is that all of our social platforms are safe and positive places. Our Instagram is @auraleafco #wearmyaura #auraleafco. Our Facebook page is Aura Leaf. We also have a Community Facebook BST page here where exclusive announcements are made first!


Are you compliant?
Yes! With our creator being a Registered Nurse, this was one of the foremost important factors in creating our company. We are proud members of the BCIA and are CPSIA, CCPSA, and ASTM (2018) compliant.

Can I wear my newborn in my sling?
Yes! With proper use, a ring sling is a great way to get skin to skin and bonding time with your baby while being hands free. If your babe is less then 8lbs or has any health issues, please speak with your doctor first.

Are ring slings safe?
Yes! But just like any baby carrier, you must take the time to learn proper use. Head over to our 101 section to watch some tutorial videos and see our safety checklist. YouTube also has many other great ring sling how to videos!

Will the rings bother my baby?
No they should not with proper use. Many babies like to hang on to the rings or not pay any mind to them at all. Please see our 101 section for proper positioning and more.


How do I care for my sling?
We recommend to unthread the sling before washing. Use a detergent with no optic brighteners. Place a baby sock snug over the rings. Hand wash or machine wash on hand wash cycle with cool water. Lay flat or hang to dry. Steam iron if you wish! We personally love a few wrinkles in ours.

What is the difference between the Light and the Love Collection?
The Light Collection consists of single layer 100% linen slings. These are great for 8lb-35lb babies. However, for longer carries of older and heavier babies or toddlers, the Love Collection offers a little more "love". See what we did there? A Love Collection sling is about 1.5 of the weight of a Light Collection sling.both collections have been presoftened for your ease of use.

Are your slings one size fits all?
Our slings are one size fits most. We make our slings with ample material to accommodate most people. They are about 74-77 inches long +/- 1 inch. If you require a longer sling we have a "Long" option in length at no extra cost. These slings are 84-87 inches long +/- 1 inch. They are very long. Suited for plus size and very tall parents.

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